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Pizio Giacomo srl is a forward-looking construction firm with two generations' experience in the field, which turns into punctuality and accuracy. Relying on its noteworthy heritage of expertise and professionalism this building firm takes up the most demanding challenges as a General contractor too.
Pizio Giacomo srl is active in the construction of highly-significant public and private works, of infrastructures and industrial complexes; it is also renowned in the environmental and naturalistic engineering field. This is due to the concerted action of its qualified technical team that is supported by continuous investments in materials, machinery and state-of-the-art equipment.


Thanks to the enduring eagerness, the professional qualification and the long-term experience of its employees and collaborators, Pizio Giacomo srl is in a position to offer excellent results in the various operating sectors. Pizio Giacomo srl's activity builds on the joint efforts of team work, which materializes into a careful and dynamic management of top-quality and tested systems.


• Focusing on Customer's expectations and needs.
• Analysis of all technical aspects of the project.
• Definition of most suitable constructional methods according to the project characteristics and sharing of results with project engineer and Customer.
• Operation planning scaled to execution times as agreed upon in full respect of safety standards and environmental issues.
• Coordination and management of workers.
• Constant monitoring and control during the various progress stages of the works.
• Problem Solving activity centred on the preventive detection and analysis of possible problems.
• Check of compliance with required quality standards.
• Re-examination of implemented works in order to improve the quality level of adopted corporate methods and procedures.


Pizio Giacomo srl has always held quality as the benchmark for all its staff and in all operating sectors, while leaving out any quantity-based policy and logic. The organizational structure, the adopted procedures, the resources at disposal and the equipment in use make Pizio Giacomo srl stick out on the market scenery due to the quality level of the organization and are also key factors in determining the choice of the Customers.
By an incessant engagement aimed at spreading its corporate policy to all suppliers, subcontractors and collaborators, and through the continuous re-examination of achieved goals and targets, Pizio Giacomo srl has constantly improved the quality of products and services delivered, thus holding an absolutely important position in the building sector. The group's increasing expansion on the market and the various certifications attest to the company's commitment to integrity and excellence.

Field of operation:
  industrial construction
  residential building
  infrastructure facilities and urban works
  hydraulic works and soil bioengineering
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