We respect the strictest timing and quality/safety parameters
thanks to our in-situ harmonized teamwork

Pizio Giacomo srl plays today a forefront role in meeting the needs of protection and safeguard of the environment by implementing a management system aimed at minimizing the negative effects of construction works on the outside world.
This materializes into the adoption of processes and technologies that enable reducing the consumption of natural resources, recycling waste where possible and reclaiming the yard areas on job completion so as to restore the territory to the initial conditions.
Pizio Giacomo srl avail itself of the professional advice of consulting firms specializing in the solution of technical-environmental issues connected with waste management, thus ensuring full compliance with the regulations in force; the building firm is also authorized to transport several categories of waste materials


One of the main concerns of Pizio Giacomo srl's corporate policy is the safeguard of its employees', collaborators' and related parties' safety and integrity, who may be exposed to those risks involved in the works carried out by the group.
Pizio Giacomo srl ensures and constantly updates the targeted training of its own staff, as well as fully complies with the current regulations on the matter of safety and health on the workplaces.


POn request Pizio Giacomo srl supplies insurance policies covering both possible damage suffered by the works in progress, from the yard opening date to the certification of job completion, and also damage from flaws and defects which may show up in the works during the following 10 years after construction date.

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