Art is the right hand of Nature.

The broadening of the environmental culture has always been one of the goals of the Pizio Giacomo srl company policy on which to maintain the level of attention and control as high as possible. Pizio Giacomo srl has been operating in the field of prevention and recovery of territorial instability through the provision to public and private institutions, of a range of proven and particularly effective techniques concerning environmental and naturalistic engineering aimed at re-landscaping sites degraded by hydrogeological phenomena or by human activities.

The use of advanced technologies in the field of geosynthetics together with the use of traditional materials found in nature such as soil, rocks and wood, allows Pizio Giacomo srl to produce works with highly significant and stable structural functions over time that blend perfectly into the surrounding environment. Pizio Giacomo srl has gained significant experience in this area that today allow them to carry out significant projects that reshape and characterize the profile of the environmental context in which they are introduced. A team composed of qualified personnel is at your disposal for a site survey and for an in-depth study of the most suitable solution for your problems. Everything imaginable, Nature has already created.

Our creations include:
  Reinforced earth
  Flood retention structures
  Rockfill masonry
  Embankments and ripraps
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