We solve complex problems quickly even in critical conditions.

From design to supervision of works, to delivery. Pizio Giacomo srl takes care of the various technical and economical aspects relating to the restoration and static renewal of existing industrial buildings as well as of new constructions.Its highly-qualified technical staff plans each intervention and evaluates times, costs, technologies and materials thoroughly, without losing sight of any logistic and productive needs of the working context. It stands out by dynamism in problem solving or trouble shooting, in order to avoid any consequences to scheduled execution times. The whole constructive process is managed in situ by highly-qualified technical personnel, in close coordination with the headquarters and synergetic collaboration with all process-involved entities. Thanks to long-term and reliable partnerships, Pizio Giacomo srl is in a position to offer a wide-ranging service and to realize complex projects by acting as a General Contractor in proposing its own collaboration at a national and foreign level.

Cutting and demolition of reinforced concrete structures. Realization of new refractory lining and maintenance of existing ones.
Design, prefabrication and laying of complex steelwork structures. Realization of foundations of industrial plants: rolling mills, conveyor lines, lathes, presses, kilns, water treatment and supply plants, etc
Disposal of debris from demolition and dismantlement works. Realization of industrial flooring and surface protections.
Dismantlement of industrial plants. Realization of special foundations and soil strengthening works.
Adjustment of buildings to antiseismic and fire prevention regulations. Realization of roofing and timing works.
Assistance during plant revamping. Hydroscarifications.
Ordinary and special maintenance interventions during downtime. Construction of industrial sheds.
Static strengthening of buildings and structures. Supply and fitting of prefab concrete structures.
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